Floral White Sage Stick

Floral White Sage Stick


Enjoy a sense of peace and calm as you burn this stick, bundled with white sage, dried lavender and rose petals, wrapped in 100% cotton thread and lots of positive energy and love. 


White sage or Salvia apiana is also known as sacred sage and is an evergreen perennial. This plant has been used for centuries by Native Americans in rituals of cleansing and healing. White sage clears your environment of negative energy, toxic ions and other harmful air pollutants. The lavender and rose petals surrounding this Elle James floral sage stick will replace the freshly cleansed space with positive, uplifting energy and a sense of calm and relaxation. We recommend cleansing with white sage when moving into a new space, after sickness, when healing from relationships and when cleansing crystals, mirrors and other items that hold energy. 


We recommend cleaning or straightening your space before burning sage. Most importantly, open at least one window (a few on each floor if possible) in order to release any stagnant, unwanted energy. Then light one end of the bundle and waft it about, back and forth, up and down as if cleansing the air. Waft the smoke throughout the space and over yourself to cleanse any negative energy and toxic ions in the air. As you move throughout your space, speak and/or think of the positive feelings and energy you desire for each area of your space. Use a glass tray, clay bowl or an abalone shell to catch falling embers while burning, also to tamp out the stick to extinguish. 
Please use caution while burning and keep out of children and pets reach.


Size approximately 4”