Good Vibes Sage Smudge Jar


This Sage Smudge Jar is packed Good Vibes and includes everything you need to clear the energy in your space, release negativity, staleness and bad energy in addition to cleansing the air of bacteria and toxic ions; this jar is wonderful because it will also infuse the space with calming, peaceful and positive energy that attracts beneficial circumstances with the sweet grass, protective energy with the cedar and gives you a creative boost with the palo santo pieces.


Included in the jar:


- Sweet Grass

- White Sage

- Black Sage

- Blue Sage

- Palo Santo

- Cedar

- Rose Petals

- Lavender


*To burn, scoop out a small amount with the wooden spoon (included) and place it in an abalone shell with stand or a fireproof glass or clay dish.

Ignite the small pile with a match and blow out the flames once lit.


Please remember to always open a window when burning, set intentions and enjoy the good vibes! *always use caution while burning*

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