Large Black Sage/ Mugwarts - Love Smudge 8"-10"


Black Sage also referred to as Mugworts and sometimes known as "The Dream Stick" or "The Love Smudge"


Approximately 8" - 10"

Used to encourage dreams, Black sage is an herb of introspection and inner healing. When burned before bedtime, it aids in restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Mugwort is also associated with lust and fertility. Clean your house, declutter and then light the smudge stick and waft it about, as if cleansing the air. It is instantly effective. Mugwort Smudge is also used for protection, by hanging the plant over doorways either in whole branches or crushing the leaves and flowers to put in a sachet. Mugwort Smudge Bundles can also be used to repel insects by hanging the plant around the home. Place sachets of Mugwort leaves in closets or bureau drawers to keeps moths away from your clothes.

Black sage has a wonderful sweet herbal smell, and can be burned for many wonderful purposes.

To use, light one end of the herb stick and blow it out to produce fragrant smoke. Waft the smoke throughout the space you want to cleanse - or over yourself to cleanse negativity and other unwanted energies.

This handcrafted Elle James smudge stick is unique because as you clear your environment of negative energy, you also replace the freshly cleared area with positive energy brought forth from the rose petals and lavender.

Always use caution while smudging, hold a fire proof dish under your smudge stick to prevent falling embers from hitting the floor. Also remember to open windows while smudging in order to release negative energy from your space.

Just Black Sage
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