Who is Elle James?

The name Elle James stems from our founder and lead designer Courtney’s middle name Ellsworth, passed down from her grandmother and her son’s name James.

Family is of the utmost importance to Courtney . Her son James along with her husband Louis continue to inspire her and keep her focused on enjoying the everyday pleasures of Home Love!

" My passion for home décor stems from a genuine love of designing and decorating family and friends homes across the country. I have a keen eye for selecting and creating quality, unique décor at a reasonable price for my clients! 

My passion has evolved into a carefully thought out product line that has begun with custom door wreaths and home clearing products for your personal home or work space or to be given as a very thoughtful gift.

I love to use my hands to create and build authentic, one of kind pieces that my clients can incorporate in their daily lives to uniquely enhance their space! "

What "home love"means to us...

"I like to think that life is surrounded by different forms of love...and when we come home we want to visually experience a form of love like no other.

My goal with every client is to help them find love in their home design, décor and accessories.  

I help my clients see their vision of “home” evolve

from a dream to everyday living!"


- Courtney Elle

Founder & Lead Designer

These two words surround our lives daily. They embody what we as individuals view as our own inclusion of ourselves in our environment or our home- encompassed in a space that we live, grow and love in!