"Where Good Design Meets Good Vibes"

Elle James creates custom decor for your home, office or business.

Incorporating holistic wellness and a focus on enhancing spaces

by infusing positive energy through thoughtful decor and

energy cleansing plants, flowers and herbs!  

Floral & Herb Sage Bundles, Artisan Incense & Crystals

The sacred act of burning sage, Palo Santo and other floral, herbal and plant elements are ancient traditions that have been proven to cleanse the air and the energy that surround us.


 Impacting our health, state of mind and our mood in addition to easing tension, stress, anxiety and more in the space we need it the most, our home!

The benefits are endless;  let us help you find a new way to unwind and bring positive, healing energy into your life and your home.

Sage, Selenite Crystal & Palo Santo

Custom Wreaths

Many of us lead busy lives and have our hands full with day to day life! 

Before we know it , the seasons are changing or its time to celebrate a holiday or special occasion and our home is in need of a pick me up!

Adding a custom wreath to your door creates instant curb appeal and welcomes guest with an immediate sense of your style and good taste!

Every Elle James wreath is custom created with quality materials, thoughtful design and of course positive energy!

Office Holiday Decor

Is your office in need of some uplifting decor for the holiday season?

Elle James will create custom, upscale, quality decor that's non-religious and created to fit your office dynamics and enhance comradery, team spirit, holiday cheer and positive energy!

Our Holiday decor can be rented and/or purchased for the duration of the holiday season. Our services also include installation, upkeep throughout the season and take down service!

Sage Bundling Workshops, Pop Up Shops & More!

Sharing the benefits of smudging is one of our favorite ways to spread good vibes!


Contact us today to learn more about workshops, collaboration opportunities and pop up shops, virtual options are also available!

Energy is real and the interior design and decor that surround us play a role in how we feel.


We want to help you create a sanctuary where positive energy, calmness and serenity are welcomed!

Cedar, Cinnamon, White Sage and Rosemary Stick

clear the vibes

&the air

Good Vibes Jar of Loose Sage & Herbs

 Elle James on the Town

Upcoming Workshops in collaboration with the buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens:


Good Vibes and

Good Times!

Floral Sage Bundling

Online Workshop
November 5 

6:30pm - 7:30pm


Fall Wreath Workshop

Join Elle James on October 15th for a fun and interactive virtual fall wreath workshop!

Create your own showstopper door decor with the help of designer Courtney Elle! 




I selected a large wreath with fall colors and what I received was a FABULOUS show stopper. It was beautifully and thoughtfully crafted to accentuate the exterior of my home.


Holiday Decor was beautifully done with class and style. Great service, ideas  and talent. You will not be dissapointed.


I had recently been feeling as if I needed to cleanse my space of negative energy, and decided to purchase the good vibes set from Elle James Interior Design. My set arrived with beautiful packaging, and a personalized touch. Immediately after saging my space, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, and had one of the best nights sleep I've had in a long time.

I plan on saging my space on a regular basis. Elle James Interior Design and Home Decor can assist you with any of your home care needs.

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